Wednesday, April 26, 2017

MY Hero

It's no secret that I'm not engaged or married (Hi, still #SingleAF) however, that doesn't mean that I don't love to sport nice rings. The only piece of jewelry I wear consistently every single day is a 14K gold, monogrammed oval ring. In the past year, I've become way more active - between my found love for SoulCycle and more recently, Barry's Bootcamp - and found myself always taking my ring off and storing it in the side pocket of my backpack. There have been many instances where I've forgotten about it completely and thought I lost it, and another time when I was taking chapstick out of the same pocket it rolled out on the floor underneath my work desk. 

When I learned about the newest fashion accessory that keeps your rings safe, I knew that I needed one! The bonus: RingHero was founded by four Chicago women, all with varying backgrounds in: consulting, sourcing, sales/marketing, and technology. While these are all things I am involved with each and everyday, I knew that I wanted to support their brand and product(s).

Thinking that you need one also? Make sure to visit Your Ring Hero to place your order (available in Midnight Blue or Slate Grey for only $20!) and keep your rings safe from damage, sweat, and theft!

Photos c/o: RingHero
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