Friday, November 20, 2015

Spotlight: e l e n a b o b y s h e v a

We can't believe we weren't introduced to this a m a z i n g Chicago designer prior to this year. Between the sophistication of her pieces to the signature color block designs - our personal favorite - it was an easy win when we saw a preview of her new S/S '16 collection at this year's Mario Tricocci fashion show. As soon as the first model walked out, we knew this was someone we had to meet immediately! So, we made it happen. We sat down with designer, Elena Bobysheva, to get the low down on her inspiration, thoughts on sustainability, and for a sneak peek at her latest pieces.

AS: How do you find your inspiration for the Elena Bobysheva line?

EB: I don't really have a go-to source for inspiration. Inspiration can strike me while just going about my life (taking a shower, reading a book, listening to music, discovering a painting, driving in the car, a conversation, etc.) I'm always thinking about my business and design so sometimes I see design details or interesting silhouettes in my dreams as that's the last thing I think about before I go to bed. So I immediately do a sketch when I wake up or make  a mental note. 
AS: What is your favorite piece from your S/S ’16 collection?
EB: My favorite piece is LOOK 1, which is a black double face wool crepe knee length tailored dress with color blocked geometrical shape inserts that features a full length exposed zip closure in the back. It is my signature silhouette but a successful representation of the message for this season.
AS: What did you do prior to 2013 (when you launched your first collection)?
EB: I was a design and business student a Columbia College Chicago, whilst also interning with a local designer and freelancing as a stylist.
AS: Have sustainability and animal welfare always been social issues that are close to
your heart?
EB: Yes, I've always been an animal lover. But I first became familiar with sustainability when I became a vegetarian seven years ago. It started with my diet and then it evolved into other areas of my life, such as beauty and house cleaning. Sustainability is very important to consider for any business. It should no longer be an option.

AS: What is your number one piece of advice or recommendation to young, aspiring fashion designers?
EB: Be authentic. Only put out quality work, work hard, and be genuine.  Never stop learning, creating, and improving your craft.

AS: If you could dress anyone for a day, who would it be and why?
EB: I don't really think of anyone in particular when designing. In terms of celebrity or street style icons, I like Christine Centenera, Miroslava Duma, and Rachel Weisz.

AS: What other exciting things can we expect to see from Elena Bobysheva?
EB: Our focus this year will be retail and branding.

Photos c/o Elena Bobysheva

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