Friday, October 9, 2015

Last Chance...

For those of you who know me really well, you'll notice that the title of this post and it's content is a double entendre. For those of you are sitting there scratching your head, make sure to follow me on Twitter & Instagram @adoptedSTYLE and you'll surely catch on. With that said, we are just one week away from two of the most exciting shows to come to Chicago's Navy Pier this year: Disclosure {featuring Claude Vonstroke & Pomo} and my all time favorite, Kaskade

Don't have tickets yet? Well, here's your "Last chance" to snag them before they're completely sold out and then you're stuck watching us have all the fun without you on snapchat! 

Just as anxious for the shows as I am? Here are some tunes to get you through the next week...

1. "Disarm You" - Kaskade
2. "Omen" - Disclosure
3. "Good Intentions" - Disclosure
4. "Tear Down These Walls" - Kaskade
5. "Day Trippin'" - Kaskade featuring Estelle

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