Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Did somebody say Mint Fudge?!

Okay, okay...we've already established that I'm not a food blogger here (but maybe I should become one?!) but it would almost be cruel not to share my new favorite Spring treat. Not only does March bring you green grass, a green river (St. Patrick's Day of course), but for two more weeks it also brings you mint fudge gelato!

I can honestly say that I usually go to Siena Tavern for the coccoli -crispy dough, cheese, prosciutto, and truffled honey -  but the past couple of times I have found myself making frequent trips for their gelato. With their scrumptious staples that are always available - such as salted caramel & pistachio - as well as their surprise flavor each month, it's definitely a "Treat Yoself" type of adventure. This month (and only for 2 more weeks!) patrons can enjoy mint fudge (pictured below) which is made with a mint base and includes fresh mint, creme de menthe, and fudge swirls. 

Don't be green with envy this March, be green with gelato! 
[[Available either by the scoop ($6), in a flight ($15) or to-go ($10).]]

Photo c/o: Siena Tavern

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