Thursday, December 10, 2015

"Minny" Staycation

For those of you who don't know, I am originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I've had a couple of followers ask me for my top recommendations in the city, so I figured I would share a highlight from when I was home for the holidays when I stayed at the W hotel inside the Foshay building. If you follow me on snapchat, it's no secret that whenever I go home, I always make it a priority to stop into the W - Foshay (which is absolutely stunning!) The Minneapolis W has some of the city's BEST perks - like the top steakhouse, Manny's - as well as one of the city's best bars, Prohibition. The staff is also always incredibly friendly (would you expect anything less from a W though?!) and the layout of the rooms are always spectacular...especially for a girls' night out so you can all get ready!

For those of you who haven't had the chance to visit Minneapolis thus far in your life, you're really missing out. With it only being a 50 minute flight from Chicago, having some of the best art centers/theaters in the country, as well as some of the best restaurants, you should definitely add this to your next "hot spot" list. 

For those of you who missed my most recent "Minny" vacay on snapchat, make sure to check out the  #TBT photos below and book your mini get away booked ASAP! Ironic that it is mostly food and cocktails?...I don't think so. #NOM

Always a warm welcome when you step into a the Wonderful suite at the W Foshay.

Some of the top attractions in the city - like the Walker Art Center. 

Can I get ready in this bathroom EVERY morning, please?!

My favorite - dirty Grey Goose martini with bleu cheese stuffed olives. 

5 star food overload! Filet Mignon, Crab legs, garlic and creamed spinach, and onion hash browns (FYI...that is the "small" portion). 

The best chocolate cake in the city! #FAT

Friday, November 20, 2015

Spotlight: e l e n a b o b y s h e v a

We can't believe we weren't introduced to this a m a z i n g Chicago designer prior to this year. Between the sophistication of her pieces to the signature color block designs - our personal favorite - it was an easy win when we saw a preview of her new S/S '16 collection at this year's Mario Tricocci fashion show. As soon as the first model walked out, we knew this was someone we had to meet immediately! So, we made it happen. We sat down with designer, Elena Bobysheva, to get the low down on her inspiration, thoughts on sustainability, and for a sneak peek at her latest pieces.

AS: How do you find your inspiration for the Elena Bobysheva line?

EB: I don't really have a go-to source for inspiration. Inspiration can strike me while just going about my life (taking a shower, reading a book, listening to music, discovering a painting, driving in the car, a conversation, etc.) I'm always thinking about my business and design so sometimes I see design details or interesting silhouettes in my dreams as that's the last thing I think about before I go to bed. So I immediately do a sketch when I wake up or make  a mental note. 
AS: What is your favorite piece from your S/S ’16 collection?
EB: My favorite piece is LOOK 1, which is a black double face wool crepe knee length tailored dress with color blocked geometrical shape inserts that features a full length exposed zip closure in the back. It is my signature silhouette but a successful representation of the message for this season.
AS: What did you do prior to 2013 (when you launched your first collection)?
EB: I was a design and business student a Columbia College Chicago, whilst also interning with a local designer and freelancing as a stylist.
AS: Have sustainability and animal welfare always been social issues that are close to
your heart?
EB: Yes, I've always been an animal lover. But I first became familiar with sustainability when I became a vegetarian seven years ago. It started with my diet and then it evolved into other areas of my life, such as beauty and house cleaning. Sustainability is very important to consider for any business. It should no longer be an option.

AS: What is your number one piece of advice or recommendation to young, aspiring fashion designers?
EB: Be authentic. Only put out quality work, work hard, and be genuine.  Never stop learning, creating, and improving your craft.

AS: If you could dress anyone for a day, who would it be and why?
EB: I don't really think of anyone in particular when designing. In terms of celebrity or street style icons, I like Christine Centenera, Miroslava Duma, and Rachel Weisz.

AS: What other exciting things can we expect to see from Elena Bobysheva?
EB: Our focus this year will be retail and branding.

Photos c/o Elena Bobysheva

Friday, October 9, 2015

Last Chance...

For those of you who know me really well, you'll notice that the title of this post and it's content is a double entendre. For those of you are sitting there scratching your head, make sure to follow me on Twitter & Instagram @adoptedSTYLE and you'll surely catch on. With that said, we are just one week away from two of the most exciting shows to come to Chicago's Navy Pier this year: Disclosure {featuring Claude Vonstroke & Pomo} and my all time favorite, Kaskade

Don't have tickets yet? Well, here's your "Last chance" to snag them before they're completely sold out and then you're stuck watching us have all the fun without you on snapchat! 

Just as anxious for the shows as I am? Here are some tunes to get you through the next week...

1. "Disarm You" - Kaskade
2. "Omen" - Disclosure
3. "Good Intentions" - Disclosure
4. "Tear Down These Walls" - Kaskade
5. "Day Trippin'" - Kaskade featuring Estelle

Monday, October 5, 2015

Fashion Focus: The Art of Fashion

It's about that time folks...Fashion Focus, Chicago's very own version of Fashion week, is back and expected to be bigger and better than ever. For those of you unfamiliar, Fashion Focus consists of an entire week of events - from trunk shows, shopping previews, and runway shows at Millennium Park, this week in particular is when the Chicago fashion scene comes together to highlight the vibrancy of the windy city fashion industry.

This year we are most excited about the 9th annual Art of Fashion runway show. This Friday {10/9} from 6-9pm, join the adoptedSTYLE + teams at Millennium Park for a full runway show featuring the Spring '16 collections from Chicago's finest designers. Borris Powell, Calvin Tran, and J. Toor to name a few, will be showcasing their top looks which you're able to preview + purchase all from within the your windy city backyard! With certain tickets, you will also be able to enjoy a 90 minute cocktail reception before the show, red carpet, after party at Virgin hotel, and VIP ticket holders will also receive a signature goodie bag. Snag your ticket(s) here and come join us for this week's Fashion Friday!

Photos c/o

Friday, August 28, 2015

NCMF 2015

It may not feel like Labor Day Weekend is right around the corner, but it is! And you know what that means, folks...time to bid farewell to Summer with North Coast Music Festival!

For those of you unfamiliar, North Coast is a 3-day music festival that takes over Union Park with 5 stages and 2 silent disco tents. Performances are a great mix of local, up and coming DJs, plus headliners such as: Knife Party, Steve Aoki, Porter Robinson, and Moon Boots. You're able to make your own customized schedule to make sure you don't miss a beat, and the set up of the fest makes it easy to toggle back and forth between, during, or after sets (unlike Lollapalooza).

For those of you that don't want music festival season to end, don't worry. There's also an incredible line up of after party shows which will allow you to keep the party going even after the festival park closes at 10pm. TIP: Try to get in line at the after shows by 11pm for guaranteed entry. Even if you have a ticket, post 11pm you're not guaranteed into the concert.

Having the itch and can't wait until next weekend to get the party started? Check our last year's recap video & make sure to snag your tickets NOW! Also, make sure to keep an eye out for the adoptedSTYLE team for a chance to be interviewed for EFG Mag, so that you can share your favorite highlights from this year's fest. 

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Friday, July 17, 2015

Spotlight: Soul Cycle, Kellen

If you follow me on social media, you're well aware that I've recently found a new obsession with Soul Cycle, the re-invented indoor cycling class that believes fitness can be joyful. Well, I'm here to tell you that their mission of "Take your journey. Change your body. Find your SOUL" is a 100% fact. After being convinced to take a class at the NYC NoHo studio back in February during NYFW, I found myself going from 0 to 100 realll quick (thanks, Drake). As someone who use to wear her lululemon pants to watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on the couch with a pint of ice cream, to now taking 1-2 Soul Cycle classes per day, there is no doubt that this has been a successful journey - with the perks of whipping my body into great shape - and finding my soul that has been hiding under an uncertain, and at times, insecure, shadow for the past couple of years. 

In order to share my new found love for SC, on Wednesday night I hosted a group ride for some of my best friends, new rider friends who I've met through Soul, and UrbanBound co-workers. The class was taught by one of my favorite instructors, Kellen Townsend, so after the ride I sat down with him to get the low down on his recommendations for new riders, what he's learned on HIS journey, and how he found his soul. 

Interested in trying a Soul Cycle class? Create an account here and sign up for a class, any day of the week or time, that works best for you!
 Interested in trying a class with Kellen? Check out his schedule here and I'll see you there!


adoptedSTYLE: When did you take your first SoulCycle class?
Kellen Townsend: I took my first SoulCycle class in March of 2013, while on vacation in LA. I made the mistake of not checking it out until the day I was flying back home to Kansas City. I must have blacked out at some point in between tap backs, because by the end of class I could barely recall what happened, but I knew was in love with it and that I had found my calling. It was over a year and a half before I would clip back into another SoulCycle bike in September 2014 while on a 24-hour trip to DC.

AS: Why did you decide to become an instructor?
KT: I’ve worked in the fitness industry in many different facets since college and have always wanted to be a fitness instructor, but was having trouble connecting with a workout that spoke to my “soul”. That changed immediately after I took my first SoulCycle class. Since I was living in a city that did not have SoulCycle, I wasn’t sure how it would happen. I am a firm believer in creating and believing in your own possibility. Back in the spring of 2013 I wrote in my goals “I am a SoulCycle instructor by 2015.” Shortly after moving to Chicago in the summer of 2014, I heard a rumor that SoulCycle would be opening in the next year and I began telling anyone who would listen about my goal!

AS: What can you share about the training program every SoulCycle Instructor applicant has to achieve in NYC?
KT: I will say that it was one of the most fun experiences of my life.

AS: What are your top 3 favorite songs to play during your class & why?
  KT: 1. “Addicted to a Memory” by Zedd. The build in that song is unreal and the runs out of the saddle make me want to crowd surf my class!
2. Anything BeyoncĂ©, because BeyoncĂ©.
  3. Anything Rachet. I have a not-so-secret love of ratchet hip-hop beats and I love mixing it into a playlist with my love of pop music. It’s always fun to watch the reactions from riders when we go from Britney Spears to say...   Fetty Wap.

AS: What advice would you give a first time rider prior to coming to your class? 
KT: I’d always recommend going into class with an open mind and willingness to work hard! Of course, you’ll also want to arrive 20 minutes early to get comfortable in the studio and make sure you’re properly set-up by our trained staff or instructors!

AS: What advice would you give to those that might be afraid to come try a class?
KT: I’d tell them to do one thing a day that scares them.

AS: What do you do when you’re not at SoulCycle?
KT: I eat a lot of food and really enjoy cooking healthy meals. I also have a love for dogs, so I am in the process of building my own dog-walking/sitting business with a friend. And since this is my first full summer in Chicago, I am working on exploring new neighborhoods, restaurants, festivals and attractions around town. I just checked out the Lincoln Park Zoo this week! I am also working on building my own lifestyle blog (Instagram/Twitter: @homosweatual +

AS: What has been your favorite thing to do thus far while in Chicago?
KT: EAT! I love trying different restaurants throughout the city. I have a list of restaurants in the notes app on my phone that I would like to try out this summer. Most of them I’ve either heard about through word of mouth, have walked by and/or read about. This week I tried a new spot in my neighborhood (Lakeview), Glaze Teriyaki. It was delicious!!!

Kellen Townsend
Photo c/o Soul Cycle

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Simply Stylist: Chicago

For those of you who don't know (and shame on you!) Simply Stylist is back and coming to Chicago THIS WEEKEND on Saturday, July 18th from 10am-5pm at The Dana Hotel & Spa. This fashion & beauty conference is, by far, one of the best I've attended. The conference is hosted by the lovely, Catt Sadler, of E! News - plus many other influential tastemakers from all over the country from the fashion, beauty, and entrepreneurial world. Want a chance to meet them? Or even sit in on a breakout session to learn about their journey? Make sure to snag your tickets today as some package are already sold out!

Just to tide you over until this weekend, here are some photos from last year's event, as well as a sneak peek at this weekend's itinerary. We'll be chatting it up with Catt again (and this time on VIDEO) so make sure to check back to watch our catch up session with one of the most stunning and talented women in the industry.


10:00 – 11:30 Networking Brunch (VIP Ticket Holders Only)
Whether you’re coming with a friend or on your own, we encourage you to grab a seat next to a stranger, put your networking skills to use and build a relationship that could potentially change your life forever!
12:00 – 2:00 Fashion & Beauty Panel (VIP and Fashion & Beauty Lovers Only)
We have 5 inspiring speakers from the fashion & beauty industry. Learn what it takes, how to succeed, the importance of networking and how to follow your dream – all from the experts!
2:00 – 5:00 Brand Experience/Pampering/Breakout Sessions (All Ticket Holders)
Time to party!

DJ, Cocktails, Appetizers, Shopping, Pampering, Contests & 5 Breakout Sessions on various topics from industry tastemakers. What more could you ask for?!

Photos by: Lindsey Cavanaugh of eat pray photo & vibe tribe creative 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Mamby on the Beach

This weekend React Presents is ecstatic to announce Mamby on the Beach, Chicago’s newest two-day festival, taking place at a new and untouched lakefront venue on Oakwood Beach. This beautiful beachside festival offers a pristine view of Chicago's gorgeous skyline, boasting two stages featuring live performances by established and legendary artists in the indie-dance world, plus a selection of the world’s most innovative house and techno producers. And don't worry, find the inside scoop on anything & everything Mamby right here:

  • This festival is for ages 18+, but most after parties are 21+
  • Gates open at 1pm on both Saturday & Sunday
  • There will be zero re-entry to the festival
  • You're in luck...there will be ATMs throughout the festival grounds
  • There will be free shuttles that run from 12pm-11pm with pick ups from the Cermak-Chinatown Red Line & the Cermak-McCormick Green Line. It may also be a great idea to try out divvy and bike to the festival; at least one way. 
  • What to bring: Sunscreen, a phone charger, a light purse/back pack that you won't regret lugging around all day in the sun, comfortable flip flops, hand sanitizer/wipes. 

Want even MORE Mamby? Check out the after party line up here & see you at Dusable Harbor for the Goldroom yacht party! 3-hours of open bar? YES, PLEASE!

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Friday, June 5, 2015

It's here...

It's about that time folks...SUMMER MUSIC FESTIVAL SEASON! 
One week from today kicks off Chicago's first Summer musical festival, Spring Awakening. For those of you unfamiliar (and if you read my blog regularly, you aren't one of these people), SAMF is held every year at Soldier Field to showcase some of the music industry's hottest EDM DJs including: ZEDD, Duke Dumont, Hardwell, and Tiesto to name a few. There are multiple different stages throughout the grounds, including a silent disco tent, so I'd recommend downloading the festival's app and making your customized schedule prior to the fest to make sure you don't miss your favorite artists.

Also, a few tips for you first timers:

- Make sure to HYDRATE! Drink lots of water the night before, throughout the day, and before you go to bed. 

- Make sure to use a small purse or even better, festival fanny pack. If you bring a bag that's too big, you'll regret it later it the day when it becomes heavy to carry. It's also hard to move through the crowds with a backpack or big purse. 
My STYLE PICK would be 84Rockwell's Daley pack!

- There is no re-entry to the festival once you're in, so make sure not to forget anything.

- Make sure to wear comfortable clothing that you can be in all day, get down & dirty in, and are fine walking 2 miles in since there's no easy way to get down to the football field.

Don't have your tickets yet but already getting FOMO? Grab your tickets here

Still not convinced? Watch this...and see you there!

For more information visit:

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Style Series '15 Recap: Karen Millen

For those of you who missed our Spring STYLE SERIES Runway show with 10 MGMT, The Underground, and one of our favorite brands, Karen Millen, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Just teasing (but no really, you missed a great show!) Since we don't want any of you to get #FOMO, here's a recap of our Spring look picks, all of which are available at the 900 N. Michigan Avenue store front location!

Photos c/o Francis Son

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Did somebody say Mint Fudge?!

Okay, okay...we've already established that I'm not a food blogger here (but maybe I should become one?!) but it would almost be cruel not to share my new favorite Spring treat. Not only does March bring you green grass, a green river (St. Patrick's Day of course), but for two more weeks it also brings you mint fudge gelato!

I can honestly say that I usually go to Siena Tavern for the coccoli -crispy dough, cheese, prosciutto, and truffled honey -  but the past couple of times I have found myself making frequent trips for their gelato. With their scrumptious staples that are always available - such as salted caramel & pistachio - as well as their surprise flavor each month, it's definitely a "Treat Yoself" type of adventure. This month (and only for 2 more weeks!) patrons can enjoy mint fudge (pictured below) which is made with a mint base and includes fresh mint, creme de menthe, and fudge swirls. 

Don't be green with envy this March, be green with gelato! 
[[Available either by the scoop ($6), in a flight ($15) or to-go ($10).]]

Photo c/o: Siena Tavern

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

#ootd: White Out

If you didn't know, now you do. Not only is the first Winter Music Festival, Snowstorm, coming to Navy Pier this weekend, but so is the BIGGEST white out party this city has ever seen! Here are my top picks - whether you're ready to rock, want to make sure to stay warm (even though this is indoors), or just want to make sure you're comfortable all day - these essentials should do the trick. 

Also, if you want to ensure that you make it up to the front row for one of the best seats in the house, make sure you're in head-to-toe white (no graphics allowed on your tee) and make sure to get there early! Some ticket + experience packages are already sold out, so make sure to snag yours fast and join me at the fest. See you all on Saturday!

White Out
Top Left: Leather Moto Jacketby IRO (available at SCOOP NYC)
Lips & Lashes tee by Simply Jules
Rebecca Minkoff Leo Clutch (available on