Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Style Series '14: Recap

Today I am proud to share some of my favorite looks from last week's Finale Style Series show. I am so honored to have been selected by 10 MGMT & The Underground Chicago to be a part of such a wonderful production and I am excited to share all of the looks that came to life on the catwalk. The show featured looks from some of my favorite designers & boutiques around the city. From Sterling & Burke, the most luxurious and classic handbag line you will ever find, to the best pairs of skinny jeans one will ever wear by Henry & Belle

As many of you know, a lot of stylists have their own set of "rules" - whether that's not featuring white pants after Labor Day or focusing on high price point items that may be more exclusive and difficult to find - mine has always been making it relevant to something that I would throw on my own body. If I cannot picture myself wearing a piece or don't already own it, there is a slim chance you will ever see it in one of my shows. Since I make it my duty to always find a personal connection to everything I put my name on, it always ends up being bittersweet. So much work goes into every little detail - from accessories, the music, hair & make up, the physical preparation & organization - all coming to an end in about 11 minutes. As I have become more experienced, I've taught myself to focus on the highs and be truly proud of my accomplishments - instead of just rushing into the next big project or being sad that the current one is over - I've learned that the best is yet to come...and dreams really do come true.

See all of the photos from the show here
Photos c/o: Francis Son Photography & The Underground Chicago

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Catching Up with Pascale Wellin

As we say goodbye to Summer in the windy city, I felt as though it was only appropriate to sit down and catch up with one of the hottest "100 Days of Summer" cast mates, Pascale Wellin. If I'm unable to hang onto the warm weather, at least I can load up on her windy city secrets in order to survive the next two seasons. Here are some of Pascale's favorite hot spots, style tips and shopping secrets to keep you warm throughout the upcoming six months...

Q: What was your favorite thing about being on the show, 100 Days of Summer?
My favorite part of filming the show was being a part of a large production, it was really fun to film in some of my favorite parts of the city and explore new places I had not yet been to!

Q: How would you describe your everyday style?
I have tried a lot of different looks when it comes to my everyday appearance and I found the thing that works best for me is simplicity - in both makeup and clothing. I like to wear neutral colors with simple silhouettes. My grandmother was a huge style influence for me and she always reminded me that the woman should wear the clothing and not the other way around.

Q: Does your style change when you come back to Chicago? Other than needing a parka in the winter of course!
As a city bred Chicagoan, my favorite part about packing to come home is that I get to incorporate my 4 season wardrobe. You never know what the weather will deliver in Chicago, but I pride myself on being able to pack a carry-on with all of the essentials: a great boot, leather jacket and skinny denim are three crucial elements in my Chicago "First Aid" kit for fashion.

Q: Where are your favorite places to shop?
I am a creature of habit - I typically shop at Barney's, but I adore online shopping and I am a sucker for a bargain. My favorite online shopping for bargains is Farfetch.com and my best kept secret (until now) is Mikkatmarket.com.

Q: What are the 3 things you could never travel without?
I travel a lot for work and I always travel with a baby photo of my youngest sister for luck, my ipad for entertainment and my Ray Bans for sanity.

Q: Any recommendations for those aspiring to be jewelry designers one day?
Do. Your. Research. The jewelry business has an extremely saturated market and it is important to know what your brand is and discover an original way to tell its story.

Q: What was it like having the cameras around you all of the time?
It was a little bit stressful; the strangest part was seeing how differently people around us (the cast) acted when cameras would come out…it could really bring out the worst in people.

Q: What is your favorite thing about Chicago?
The pride, I have never been to another city that has as much pride as Chicago. My favorite thing to do is go to Lakers vs. Bulls games in Los Angeles because there are always more Chicago fans...that just how we roll. 

Top: c/o Pascale Wellin
Middle: by Maria Ponce, Chicagomag.com
Bottom: c/o BravoTV.com

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Style Series: Fall Runway Fashion Show

Today I am sharing a "sneak peek" into the inspiration for my September 25th fashion show. For those of you who are unfamiliar, each year The Underground produces a series of four consecutive Runway fashion shows which fall on every Thursday for the month of September to align with New York Fashion Week. Each show is curated and produced by individual stylists who are tapped into the Chicago fashion scene. Every stylist is hand selected to showcase their trend ideas for the upcoming season and bring local designers + brands to life for 250 of Chicago's most influential movers and shakers. I am absolutely honored to be a part of this year's Style Series lineup and cannot wait to show off some of my favorite Fall '14 pieces from Henry & Belle, Vo Jewelry, Karen Millen, Handle with Care, and Sterling & Burke. Get ready to Fall into Fashion and I'll see you on the 25th!