Monday, October 7, 2013

Who? What? Wine?!

We all know that sharing is caring, but what better way to share with your friends & family than with wine?! Last week I had the incredible opportunity to sit down with the amazing Bonfire Wines team to learn more about their products, taste each blend and meet their fascinating Founder + CEO, Eric Steigelman.

Not only are these wines mouthwateringly delicious, but I cannot get enough of their concept, their design and how uncomplicated they made it for all of us! To put it simply, Bonfire Wines is a purveyor of wine sold in innovative, mobile packaging. The company’s signature blends, Ember and Ignite (shown below), are available exclusively in highly sustainable packaging that uses fewer raw materials, produces less Greenhouse Gas Emissions, were designed to be easily transportable and also chill up to 65% quicker than the typical glass wine bottle that most of us are accustomed to. Bonfire wines has also made it incredibly easy for us Millenials, who may not know as much about wine as we would like to think we do, to pair with food. Both flavors contain detailed listings for what certified wine judge, Kevin Mcguire, would personally recommend such as: grilled tilapia, chocolate covered strawberries, and BBQ. 

Here are a couple of recipes to get you started, and don't fret that each recipe whips up larger sized servings because you will definitely want leftovers since once Bonfire Wines are opened they last up to 4 weeks! Say goodbye to throwing out wine after just a couple of days and watch out for the spark coming soon to a store near you!

Cheers, everyone! 

Bonfire wines will soon be available for $15.99 to $16.99 in Chicago Whole Foods stores as well as other local retailers.

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