Friday, October 11, 2013

Giveaway: Bingo Players

Missed this year's Spring Awakening Festival? Don't you worry...our friends at React Presents are welcoming Bingo Players back to Chicago to take over Concord Music Hall this Friday, November 1st. Watch the Teaser video here and email the adoptedSTYLE team  on why you deserve two tickets to the show (and saying that it's because you want to party with us won't get you very far). #Rattle #HouseHeads #LetsGo

Hailing from The NetherlandsPaul BaĆ¼mer & Maarten Hoogstraten have fused their musical talents into the massive electronic dance duo Bingo Players. The two dutch DJs have created an international reputation through epic releases and a massive touring schedule. Bingo Players kicked off 2013 scoring a worldwide top ten hit with their single “Get Up (Rattle),” which was a #1 single in the UK two weeks in a row. This success came after the original version of “Rattle” shook up European charts for nine weeks during 2012. This was released on their own label, Hysteria Records, which also released their massive hits ”Cry (Just A Little) and most recently Out Of My Mind.” When they are not releasing their own music, Bingo Players are releasing records from their favorite artists including Carl Trick‘s “Mad Dash,” Ralvero‘s “Rage” and Gregori Klosman‘s “Minibar.

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